Flu Shot or Not?

Our news is filled with stories this year (as it seems like every year) of how bad the flu is this year. Hospitals are filled, school are empty, more and more people getting the flu shot, what is going on?

Well, I guess you hear that the shot is not a good match this year, in other words it doesn’t work. The problem is that it didn’t work last year or the year before that, etc., etc. Yet we spend millions of dollars (maybe more) on this futile public health campaign which fails year after year.

In order to put together a flu shot, you to have pick flu strains out of hundreds, one year in advance. What kind of odds would Vegas give you on that. Another problem with the flu shot is all the added ingredients which include heavy metals are not conducive to good health. It really amazes me that people who will read every ingredient on a label in a food store will roll up their sleeve without knowing what is in a shot.

Despite not working very well, the flu shot often makes the recipient sick. I can’t tell you how often I hear this from patients. Another thing I hear a thousand times is the false belief that after getting the flu shot and then later coming down with the flu, ” Well, if I didn’t get the flu shot, it would have been worse.”

Please, why do we make excuses for pharmaceuticals companies that we would not accept from any other industry. Anyway, flu shot or not is your decision. Here are some ideas to keep you healthy this flu season.

*Keep your vitamin D level up, we need more since there is very little sun. I supplement 5000 mg day.

*Keep a regular bedtime, we need more sleep in winter.

*Get outside, we still need fresh air even though it’s cold.

*Vitamin C at least 1000 mg.

*Do an exercise that makes you sweat.

*Keep up your adjustments as your nervous system controls the immune system!

Thanks for reading!
Dr. Ray

PS: Update on Bill in Trenton that would remove religious exemptions and mandate vaccines for all school children: Thanks to a great public uproar S2173 was defeated. That bill would have added flu shots to the mandatory list for children as young as 2.

Thank you God.

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