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Dear Patients and Friends,

Today’s blog is one I never wanted to give because it is such a controversial topic and can be very negative and emotional for many. However recent events in Trenton necessitate that I speak.

Last month I was minding my own business, getting ready for Christmas holidays when news starting leaking out that a new law was on the move in Trenton, which would remove the religious exemption for unvaccinated children to attend school, which has been state law since 1974.

This is a huge deal which would make NJ only the 6th state to do away with the religious exemption. The bill was doomed for failure in the NJ Senate Health Committee until a last minute switch in which Senate President Sweeney switched out 3 Senators who would have voted no, to 3 other Senators who voted yes and so it went to the full Senate.

A little background on our State Senators – makeup currently is 25 Democrats and 15 Republicans. The Republicans were solidly against this Bill S2173 and the Democrats generally for it. So when the bill came to the Senate floor on Dec. 19th (yes 6 days before Christmas) it looked a done deal for the vaccine industry which I call Big Pharma. 10,000 people showed up in Trenton holding signs singing carols and making a lot of noise.

Five Democratic Senators wouldn’t vote for it. In spite of tremendous arm twisting and more by Sweeney and the Pharma reps these 5 Senators wouldn’t cave. One Senator was heard to say “I just once want to vote my conscience!”

That being said, the fight is not over. When Sweeney saw he didn’t have the votes, he pulled it rather than having it voted down.That means he can reintroduce it at any time until Jan 13th when the session will end.

Today’s blog will go into several reasons why this law S2173 is bad for all children in New Jersey: Informed Consent, Parental Rights, Religious Rights, Measle Epidemics, Flu Shots and the big elephant in the room: Autism.

First, Informed Consent is the basic of all Medical/Chiropractic care. You should not be forced into any medical procedure and you should by law give your consent to any treatment.

Obviously if we force parents into vaccinations, there can be no informed consent. On the flip side, if you’re injured from a vaccine (yes it does happen), you have no recourse to sue the maker of the vaccine due to 1980’s law indemnifying pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits.

Next is Parental Rights. Parents who choose to limit their children’s toxicity load by not doing the full complement of 70-80 vaccines by age 18 are not ignorant, they are choosing what they think is best for their children. The other option to Parental Choice is Gov/Pharma Companies Choice, and we see how well that worked with their opioid.

If we are going to let Gov/Pharma raise our children, how many vaccines are enough? What if you didn’t want the annual flu shot – not allowed under S2173, you have to get it. Kids are already up to 70-80 under current recommendations and more added all the time. HPV should be added next year and many parents might not want it, too bad, Gov/Pharma says you must. Most adults including our legislators would not meet current vaccine requirements to be allowed in school.

Religions Rights, is there anything more sacred in America than religious freedom? It is actually the first line in the NJ Constitution. It’s sad that these God given freedoms trampled by men and women for the highest bidder, which is again Big Pharma.

Let’s look at measles which is the genius of all this fuss. First of all measles is rarely a fatal disease and then it’s 1 in 100,000 or 1 million. A lot of time, unvaccinated children are blame for the recent epidemics but this is rarely the case. The measles vaccine is not 100% effective and most epidemics are among well vaccinated children. The story that unvaccinated or under vaccinated children are making others sick is mythology.

A final word on Autism. While there is no proven cause of this American epidemic, the correlation cannot be denied that we have the highest rate of autism in the country here in NJ, and we also have the most recommended vaccines schedule. I can’t help wondering where all these cases are coming from since I did not know one person who was autistic when I was a youngster.

As with all drugs, I always preached less is more and I believe the same with vaccinations. Obviously I know I’m in the minority on this one, but here’s to hoping and praying that these rights still are respected in NJ!

Happy Healthy 2020
Dr. Ray

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